Top Secret..

Bee friends,

I just got my hands on some badges…come out to the makerfaire this Saturday and Sunday and you can have one too!! I wonder what they will do? I can’t wait to communicate with other bees in the hive! :) photo



The demo is today, Phoebe will reveal her secret communication device to the entire hive! She will be giving out free BuzzLink devices to the first 100 bees who show up…

See all you bee faces there!


Behind the Scenes

Bee Friends! 

This just in! Phoebee is revealing her BuzzLink device tonight! She has given us some behind the scenes info on what the device is, Listen closely:

1. It’s a communication device – ohh boy, I can’t wait to see how this will work!

2. Hacker Bee must wear them at all times – count me in!


Secret Device!


Phoebee and her pal Beasley have been working day in and day out on the BuzzLink device. The demo is today and I can hardly wait!

Will update all you bees soon


Welcome Bee Friends!

The Maker Faire is this weekend and the bee’s are busily getting ready for the celebration! In preparation for the Faire our trusted buzzworthy friend Phoebee is brewing up a special surprise for us. She’s invited everyone to the hive lab to see a demo…the first 100 bees will get a prototype to beta test! It’s top secret, so be sure to not show it to anyone outside the Hive, especially anyone who might be working for AmbiZom…

We’ll find out more what this Phoebee is up to tomorrow!